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Judicial disputes support

Complex judicial disputes support is providing high quality legal services during complex legal disputes, including analysis, defense strategy, representation before the court and other measures in order to achieve the best possible results.
Why do you need complex judicial disputes support?
  • To have an objective understanding of possible risks
  • To avoid mistakes which can occur when engaging specialists with “general” qualifications
  • To obtain the best possible result by applying non-standard approaches to resolving legal disputes
  • To avoid the possibility of a procedural mistake that could lead to a complete defeat
What will you receive as part of the service?
  • Legal conclusion with risks description and their cost estimation
  • A plan of pragmatic actions to mitigate the identified risks (checklist)
  • Protection of your interests in the court

Asset protection

Asset protection is a set of measures and strategies aimed at ensuring the security and security of property values of individual and legal entities. The purpose of this process is to prevent loss, damage or misappropriation of assets, as well as to minimize the risks entwined with possible threats, including legal disputes, financial losses or other negative impact.
Why do you need the asset protection?
  • To mitigate personal risks of executives and owners of your business (criminal risks, administrative risks, recovery of damages)
  • To protect company assets from current and possible assaults
What will you receive as part of the service?
  • Conclusion with analysis of the current situation
  • Plan of practical actions to mitigate the identified risks
  • Implementation of protection plan
  • Representation of your interests in courts, administrative authorities, during negotiations

Foreign corporation

Foreign corporation in the context of law services is the process of formalizing legal status for a company or individual in foreign jurisdiction. This service usually includes collecting and submitting the necessary documents, complying with local legal requirements, and consulting the client on the best choice of country for incorporation depending on business purposes.
Why is foreign corporation necessary?
  • Access to new markets: foreign corporation opens up access to new markets and opportunities for business expansion. The law firm plays a key role in helping the client understand local laws and requirements, ensuring a successful entry into the foreign market.
  • Legalization of business: In accordance with local laws foreign corporation ensures the legality and legitimacy of business abroad. The law firm assists clients in complying with all requirements related to incorporation and operation in a particular country, which reduces possible risks of legal consequences.
  • Tax optimization: law firms are allowed to provide expert consultation on optimizing tax burden for companies, incorporated abroad. This includes defining taxation strategy, studying incentives and tax loopholes that can significantly impact the client`s financial position.
  • Property and asset protection: foreign corporation can provide additional mechanisms to protect the client`s assets. The law firm develops strategies and structures, aimed on minimizing risks and providing property security in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  • International compliance standards: the law firms ensure compliance with international regulations and standards when incorporating abroad. This is important for establishing long-term and sustainable relationships with international partners, as well as to avoid problems, related to violation of international regulations.

Corporate law

Corporate law, within the firm`s legal services, is a specialization covering legal aspects of establishing, operating and resolving disputes within corporate structures. This includes development statutes, conducting shareholder meetings, concluding corporate deals and enforcing legal norms and regulations. The law firm providing corporate law services assists clients in establishing effective corporate strategies, minimizing risks and providing legal protection of the company`s interest.
What will you receive as part of the service?
  • Consulting on corporate law issues
  • Development of the company`s corporate documents
  • Support of business entry and exit
  • Representation of your interests in relations with other subjects of the corporation (members, shareholders, company)
  • Disputing major deals and related-party deals
  • Resolution of corporate disputes

Tax compliance

This service includes analyzing tax obligations, developing strategies for tax optimization, and ensuring compliance with all requirements of tax authorities. The law firm play a key role in supporting clients withing the limitations of laws and regulations in order to minimize tax risks and provide the financial sustainability of the business.
Who is at risk?
  • The owner does not always realize the reality of the situation. The supposed profit may be resulted from not paying taxes.
  • The executive may be so involved in «extinguishing fires» that they make decisions, guided by the «here and now» principle, without noticing the increasing risks.
  • The chief accountant often fails to reach out to the management, who are engrossed in work, to bring the scale of the disaster
Why do you need tax compliance?
  • To have an objective picture of the company`s tax risks, their probability and cost estimation. This is necessary to make right management decisions. It is like in boxing: the hardest punch is the one you don`t see
  • To identify cases, where you pay more taxes than you are ought to. We will check if your approach to tax accounting is too conservative and if you have hidden tax reserves
You will receive a detailed picture (report) of your current tax risks, including risks with indication of:
  • legal qualification of the identified tax risks and their cost estimation
  • probability of occurrence of each risk with the current judicial practice
  • tax overpayments if there are any


Bankruptcy always includes hesitation. It is always a last resort. But if the claims of the contractors accumulate as a snowball and it becomes obvious, that the situation is beyond repair and bankruptcy becomes the only way to get out of the business without the risk of negative consequences for personal property and liberty. Regardless of whose side you represent, we are always ready to provide high quality legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.
What you may receive as part of the «Bankruptcy» service
If you are a debtor:
  • Analysis of the situation and risks, defining the protection strategy
  • Legal assistance of the organization in bankruptcy
  • Protection against unreasonable creditor claims when entering the registry
  • Consultations on bankruptcy issues
  • Protection from subsidiary issues
If you are a creditor:
  • Drawing up an application to declare the debtor bankrupt
  • Adopting interim measures
  • Representation of your interests during bankruptcy proceedings
  • Joining the register of creditors
  • Disputing debtor`s deals
  • Bankruptcy consulting
  • Debt collection from the debtor`s owner

Protection against subsidiary liability

Protection against subsidiary liability in the context of the firm`s legal services is a complex of measures and strategies, aimed at preventing and reducing risks of possible subsidiary liability in legal structures such as limited liability companies. This service includes analyzing legal documents, developing policies and procedures, as well as providing legal consulting to ensure compliance with the las and mitigate possible liability risks for members of the business. The law firm providing this type of service aims to ensure the protection of clients` interests and prevent negative consequences entwined with subsidiary liability.
Why we have confidence in our abilities
  • In recent years, out team has been involved in legal proceedings for subsidiary liability for more than 144 billion rubles
  • To date, we have successfully represented major Russian companies and banks in bankruptcy cases
  • Our specialists are considered as one of the strongest in the field in bankruptcy cases and actively cooperate with National Association «Bankruptcy club», they are aware of all the subtleties of such cases and actually involved in the formation of judicial practice
  • We have been on both sides as the creditors and as the debtors, for this reason we know what evidence to collect and how to build an optimal case strategy and how to win the case
We can help you
Both when you have a desire to involve people related to the principal debtor in the payment of the debt with the main debtor, and in case if you have become the target of persistent creditors, we will do everything possible to help you: we will analyze the situation, prepare all necessary procedural documents and represent your interests in court. In one bankruptcy case there may be tons of volumes of documents, hundreds various requirements may be considered and in order to navigate, study all the evidence and form your position and present counterarguments, you need special knowledge and experience. At the same time, we should not forget that it is important not only to do everything qualitatively. It is also important to do it on time.

Services: Safe business decisions

“Safe business decisions”, in the context of the firm`s legal services, is the process of developing and implementing strategies to ensure security and legality of business`s operations. The law firm provides expert assistance, conducts legal risk analysis, develops compliance policies and procedures, and also provides consulting to minimize potential legal consequences. This type of service is aimed at maintaining the long-term stability of the business and ensuring its compliance with the law, which ultimately contributes to the sustainable and successful operation of the company.
What will you receive as part of “Safe business decisions”
  • Legal risk analysis
  • Development of compliance policies and procedures
  • Legal consulting
  • Development of security strategy
  • Legal compliance monitoring
Why is this important?
  • Our firm has experience and expertise in various areas of law, which allows us to provide a comprehensive and professional solution of legal issues, entwined with business security
  • Our lawyers are able to conduct an in-depth analysis of business processes and identify potential legal risks. This allows to minimize possible problems and prevent negative consequences
  • Our firm ensures constant monitoring of charges in legislation, which allows your business to promptly adapt to new requirements and avoid fines
  • We develop individualized security strategies, taking into account the specifics of your business. This ensures not only compliance with the law, but also increases your company`s efficiency
  • Receiving professional advice helps business leaders make informed decisions based on legal support

Deal structuring

Supporting deals with complex subject matter and participants
Why do you need to structure deals?
If you are a debtor:
  • to ensure that a result of the deal you get what you need and don`t get what you don`t need (hidden debts, problems with state authorities, encumbrances and other “surprises”)
  • to have effective guarantees of payment or return of an object
  • to accurately record the rights and obligations of each participant and the consequences of the occurrence of certain circumstances (including forced or willful breach of obligations by a participant)
What will you receive as part of the service?
  • Complex expertise of a deal We consider the deal from all points of view. We analyze for civil, legal, corporate, antitrust, financial and tax risks
  • Various options for solving issues with a description of advantages and disadvantages. We will flexibly adjust the deal to your wishes
  • A full set of documents requires for the deal
  • Deal support Partners of the company have extensive experience of participation in negotiations at a high Level. We can not only fulfill your deal assignments, but also actively Participate in the business configuration of the deal

Criminal defense of business

Criminal defense of business is a complex of measures and strategies aimed at preventing and resolving criminal issues related to the enterprise operation. This service includes analyzing legal risk, developing preventive measures, providing legal defense in case of criminal charges, as well as support of the business in litigation related to criminal law aspects. Our law firm providing such services becomes a reliable partner in ensuring lawfulness and security in business, as well as in protecting the client`s interests from criminal claims and negative consequences
Criminal defense includes:
  • Protection of the rights of victims of crime
  • Preparation of applications and appeals to law enforcement agencies
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies
  • Criminal compliance
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies, support of interrogations

Tax disputes

Tax disputes are conflict situations between the tax authorities and the taxpayer that require professional legal support. These services include analysis of tax liabilities, development of defense strategies, representation of client`s interests in tax authorities and courts, as well as provision of expert advice on tax optimization and minimization of tax disputes risks. Our law firm aims to ensure compliance with tax laws, protect the client`s rights and maximize the effectiveness of the company`s tax strategy
What do we do withing the “Tax disputes” service?
  • Determine the strategy and tactics of the dispute on the results of the tax audit
  • Prepare an appeal to a higher tax authority
  • Prepare applications to the court and form the evidentiary base for the case
  • Representing the company`s interests in court
  • Appeal to the Supreme court
  • Preventing unjustified penalties (obtaining interim measures from the court)

Construction disputes

Construction disputes are conflicts and disagreements that appear during construction projects. Our law firm provides services to resolve this kind of disputes, including analyzing construction contracts, representing clients in courts or arbitration, and developing strategies to minimize risks and restore legal stability to construction processes. These services are designed to ensure compliance with the law and the interests of the parties in the context of complex construction relationships.
What do we do as part of “Construction disputes” service?
If you a debtor:
  • Determining dispute strategy and tactics
  • Negotiating with the opponent and finding the most favorable solution for both parties
  • Formation of evidence base for the case
  • Conducting claim correspondence
  • Drawing up a statement of claim and other applications
  • Protecting your interests in court
  • Obtaining writs oof execution and conducting enforcement proceedings

Construction projects support

Construction projects support is a complex of measures and activities aimed at ensuring the legality and successful completion of construction and infrastructure projects. The law firm provides expert support in drafting and analyzing construction contracts, regulatory compliance, disputes resolution, and ensuring that the project complies with legal standards
Why do you need legal support?
  • To ensure proper contractual work: to “soften” the terms and conditions of the contract with the client and ensure that the terms and conditions of the customer`s contract are “mirrored” in the contract with subcontractors
  • To ensure fulfillment of obligations of counterparties
  • To protect yourself from unjustified penalties (claims of the contractor to recover penalties, uncollected advances)
  • To protect yourself from unjustified claims of state supervisory authorities
What will you receive as part of the service?
  • Development and analysis of construction contract documentation
  • Support of the contract conclusion procedure
  • Consulting on issues about the course of the construction project
  • Participation in negotiating with contractors
  • Maintaining claim correspondence
  • Representation of interests in state authorities

Tax audits support

Tax audits support is a professional legal support of the client during tax audits by tax authorities. Our firm provides analysis of documentation, consulting on the rules and procedures of tax audits, as well as represents the client`s interests aimed at ensuring the legality of tax liabilities and minimize possible risks.
Why do you need tax audit support?
If you are a debtor:
  • to fully control and predictability of audit results
  • to avoid providing unverified information of documents
  • to prevent unlawful demands and actions of auditors
  • to save time and not be distracted from current affairs
What do we do as part of the “Tax audits support” service?
  • Instructing employees
  • Building correct relations with tax inspectors
  • Prompt preparation of responses to requests from the tax authority
  • Participation in all tax control activities
  • Consulting on issues during the course of tax audit
  • Preparation of objections to the act of tax audit, participation in the consideration of tax audit materials

Cryptocurrency and blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain covers legal aspects related to digital assets and decentralized technologies. Our law firm provides legal, regulatory and advocacy consulting on cryptocurrency transactions and the development and use of blockchain technology. These services are aimed at ensuring legal compliance, preventing legal risks and creating legal framework for innovative blockchain projects
What is possible as part of the “Cryptocurrency and blockchain” service
  • Providing expert consulting on legal aspects of use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • Creating individualized cryptocurrency strategies for clients, Including regulatory, security and compliance issues
  • Support in complying with regulations and obtaining necessary licenses to implement cryptocurrency and blockchain business
  • Analysis and minimization legal risks associated with the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation
  • Ensuring legal protection of the rights of investors in crypto projects, Including in case of disputes and malfunctions in the process of tokenization

Investment projects support

Investment projects support includes expert legal consulting and support to the clients at all stages of the investment cycle. The firm provides legal risk analysis, develops customized compliance strategies, and ensures the legality of transactions and protection of investors` interest during projects implementation. These services are aimed at ensuring the legal stability and success of investment initiatives
What is possible as part of the “Investment projects support”?
  • Conducting legal review of investment projects in order to identify potential risks and legal aspects
  • Development of an optimal structure of investment deals, including selection of legal form, negotiation of terms and preparation of documents
  • Support in complying with regulations and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals
  • Providing legal protection of the client`s interests during investment deals and, if necessary, in court proceeding
  • Drafting, revising and negotiating investment agreements, contracts and other legal documents
  • Support in establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnership relations between investors, the project and other parties
  • Preliminary preparations for transactions, including legal documentation, due diligence and risk assessment

Family Office

“Family Office” is highly specialized service for wealthy families, covering the management of their finances and personal affairs. Our firm in this area provides expert consulting on tax planning, asset management, probate and inheritance matters, as well as confidential family wealth counseling services. These services are designed to ensure that the financial and personal aspects of wealthy families are managed in an integrated and efficient manner
What is possible as part of the “Family Office” service
  • Development of tax planning strategies to optimize the tax liabilities of family assets and income
  • Consulting on investment management and asset portfolio development tailored to the family`s goals and needs
  • Providing legal services for family matters, including inheritance, property division agreements and management of family funds
  • Providing legal defense of the family`s interests, including negotiating contracts, reviewing transactions and ensuring legal compliance with the law
  • Developing strategies for inheritance planning, including establishing family funds, determining inheritance rules and drafting wills
  • Providing confidential information management services and protecting the confidentiality of family affairs and finances


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  • Successfully registered 500+ companies
  • Opened 1000+ bank accounts
  • Won 800+ legal cases
  • Collected 100+ million dollars in favor of clients
  • Supported more than 500 transactions
  • Supported 1200+ real estate purchases deals
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