Natalya Golovach

Наталья Головач


Golovach Natalia Vladimirovna is a partner of the international legal group of companies "Che Group". She has been practicing law for over 10 years.

Field of activity:

Natalia's main field of activity is leading projects to identify tax risks in companies and holdings; support of tax disputes in the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Tax Service; litigation support of tax disputes in courts of all instances; defense and support of companies during tax audits; support of projects in the field of consulting on complex issues of Russian tax law; interaction with regulatory authorities, as well as assessment of situational risks during tax audits.

Education and work experience:

  • In 2011 graduated from I. Kant BFU, qualification Jurist with a specialization in Jurisprudence;
  • From 2011 to 2017, she was a tax official;
  • She has been in private practice in the area of tax law since 2019;
  • Under the leadership and personal participation of N. V. Golovach, more than 50 tax audits were accompanied by taxpayers, the total amount of claims satisfied in favor of taxpayers exceeds 2 billion rubles.

Title customers:

  • Megapolis Real Estate Department
  • KPD-Kaliningrad
  • "BLESK" - cleaning company
  • "ACORUS"